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Saturday, February 28, 2009

On the mend!

My back has been out for almost a month now. This week I finally started to feel some relief and I can expect to get better every day. Most of the day, I can get up and sit down with no pain, so that is awesome.

I am finished with the tea cozy I made for a MJF swap. My partner is a good friend, so I was able to make something a little more custom since I know a little bit about her. I took the pictures already and will put them here when she gets it in the mail next week.

Snow coming tomorrow night again. Maybe a lot!! All I am doing tomorrow is going to church, to the gym with my daughter and then home for the day. For dinner I am making shrimp scampi and I will finally be using my pasta attachment for the red mixer. I never made pasta from scratch before, so it will be fun.

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