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Monday, February 15, 2010

A few things I've worked on this week, and a cute chick

Last week we got about 8 inches of snow. We are expecting a few more inches tonight, but it won't effect me since I am off for the week!! Schools were closed for the storm here in the picture, which meant another day of sewing and movie viewing (Ken and I watched The Hurt Locker and Julie/Julia--he did not like Julie/Julia though. I thought it was ok.)Remember my babies? Look at how big they are. These chickens are so cute and friendly that they actually like to be picked up and carried around. As soon as they are let out of the pen, they run right over to the house and call me!
Today's project was this quilt for Evy. It was so easy and quick to put together. I thought she would like the colors and fabrics and I was right.

The picture below is a hand-embroidered piece I started in a class. At night when I am watching tv, I enjoy working with my hands on a quiet project like this one. The flowers and leaves are all wool. I love wool! I have to decide if I want this to be a wallhanging with pieced blocks around it (red and white) or if I want to make it a pillow. I am doing a series of these for each season, so maybe I will make up my mind after I have the next one done.


Dawn Dutton said...

I loved your post and your photos. Your handiwork is lovely. My chickens are the same way. They come down to the house and watch for me. When I go in to their coop they fly towards me.... They know I'm the one who'll feed them and pet them. We received more snow here in Wisconsin last night as well. We have had quite a bit this winter. Keep up the good work on the posting. I should be better at it. I just spend too much time reading others to get mine done. Have a super week and thanks.

Bonne said...

What a pretty quilt! And I'm loving wool too~it has life to it as opposed to the synthetic yarns. Lovely embroidery! Looks so olde timey

Autumn said...

I love the hand embroidery and the quilt is just delicious!! I LOVE the colors!!!!!
Enjoy your snow time!!! :)

Beverly said...

Beautiful quilt Sheryl. Hey,we have 5 baby goats right now....wish you were here to help with the lovin!!
Miss you, friend!!


wibe said...

Oh your chicken is so sweet girl, and I really like the winter stichery. Small pillow or wall hanging, tough decision girlfriend!!!! Grin,
carol sue

cinnamongirl said...

Wow you got that much snow ugg.
Lucky hen got a beauty of quilt great colors. Love the embroidery also.

Your so productive I fizzed out better pick up the pace. Lol

Ruth said...

I love that embroidery. The quilt is so gorgeous. You are very talented. Your chicken is cute, too.