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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kitchen dishes quilt and a swim for the dogs

I made a promise to myself to get a lot of projects that I either got kits for or fabric for, done this year. This is called Kitchen Dishes which was made with Jennifer Chiaverini fabric (a favorite author of mine). The manager of the quilt shop designed this quilt for her fabric line. I made it over the vacation and finished putting it together this weekend. Mitered corners!! I have not done this in a while, but a quick look at some directions online and it was a snap to do.

Working with these colors during the snowy days and nights we have had was really a great thing for my eyes and mind! :)

The plain colors are a tone-on-tone print which is pretty to use in this quilt.

Kenny and the dogs worked at the farm (shooting preserve) today at a big hunt. They retrieved about 62 birds between them and were a little dirty when they got home, so Kenny and I took them to the river to clean off. They are shaking the cold water off now.

They are just like polar bears sometimes. Even though they worked all day, they were nagging us to throw the bumpers (training tool-they are orange) for them.

We got about 8 inches of snow the other day, but it is melting away now. It's a slushy mess at this point and gets pretty slippery when you walk on it. The weather channel is warning of another potential snow event this week, but it might blow away before it gets to us. Wouldn't that be unusual?


Autumn said...

The colors in that quilt are just wonderful!! Cheery for sure!!!!

BRRRRR! How can those dogs stand the cold???? BRRRR!

sandy quilts said...

Love the quilt - I have that kit also (big surprise??) but will probably never get to it the way I'm feeling. Back to the surgeon today at 11 :( - I can't believe your dogs jump in that cold river! Hope you see you soon - not sure if I can make the classes next week...trying work for 3 hours today.

cinnamongirl said...

Awesome loving it for sure!
Kinda vintage too don't you think.

Ha that is how I clean my dogs too we have those doggy baths at car washes I think it is almost time for mine to go.

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

Oh my 2 and your 2 dogs are my heroes! I just love the adventures of Penny and Millie...and you are so fast at this quiltie business it kills me.

Ruth said...

Another gorgeous quilt. It is beautiful!!!

I can't believe the dogs love that cold water.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Another beautiful quilt cranked out I see! It's just gorgeous.

And the dogs swimming in that cold water..they must have bear skin and fur. :0)

We had a few inches of snow the other day and then rain came in and turned it to a slushy.

Thanks for the coming over for a visit..I love keeping up with your creations.


Sharon said...

I love your blog. Come visit mine and my sister's blog sometime.