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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Broody girl and a new quilt top

This poor hen just wants to be a momma so desperately! She sits on eggs all afternoon and when I go to collect the eggs after work, she gets all fluffed up and annoyed with me. She is sitting on nothing right now, but will sit there all night. Since we no longer have a rooster (I might be wrong about that because one of my "girls" is crowing and mounting the hens --this can happen with a female when there are no males, but it's a little too convincing), the eggs are not fertile, so she sits for nothing. Right here, she is giving me the evil eye for taking her eggs. At Pieceful Quilting in Riverhead, this was a mystery quilt back in 2009 sometime. I was not sure if I liked it, but decided that I do. It was super easy and this past week I cut the borders and then this afternoon I attached them.

The design was called Mexican tiles. I have two more that have to be finished before I take another mystery class (scheduled for the end of June). Both of those are almost done too. Maybe this weekend I will spend some of my three days off working on them. This coming week I am in a class that uses tons of scraps!! It will be so much fun!!


Colleen said...

Sheryl, looks great.

Dawn Dutton said...

poor hen! quilt looks fantastic!

Autumn said...

I have a hen that would set all the time! We just toss her off when we feed. She goes back to setting in a few days and we start all over again!
The other hes have ostrascized her-:)
I keep thinking "she's depressed",so I give her a few days on the nest and then make her face reality!!!
So there, chicken psycology!!!:)

sandy quilts said...

That hen looks like your pocketbook !!!!