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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Evelyn and I on an excellent adventure!!

My daughter graduated from college this year, so we wanted to go on a good trip together. We decided on Washington state since we had never gone there and probably never would have the chance again once she is a full-time something (still working on which direction she wants to take professionally). There was one condition for me and one for her: quilt shops for me and Starbucks for her (plus she made me promise that we would not be in any car for hours at a time!) So we will go to Seattle for a few of the days, and the island of Whidbey for a few. This is a view from our window at the Saratoga Inn on Whidbey Island at Langley. We have to take a ferry boat just to get there!
This is the inn I found for us to stay in for a few days. We will be there for two nights and three days. We will be riding bikes all over and can walk to everything we will possibly need--including the quilt shop!! YAY! A view of the inn from the road we will take to get there!! Right on the water. Mountains in the close distance!

We will arrive at Seattle airport and this hotel is the one we will stay in on the first night. Evelyn can walk to the first Starbucks in the world right from our hotel. I have not booked most of the nights yet since we are not sure where we will want to spend all of our time. The Pacific Ocean is calling us, so we will scout that out once we get there.

Our room at the Doubletree Hotel in Seattle. Looks nice! Of course, we will do the Space Needle and go to a baseball game at the stadium for the Seattle Mariners. We do sporting events every place we visit, so can't miss out this time. This is my last week of school, so the trip is coming up soon. It will be a great way to celebrate a great school year for me and a hard-earned college graduation for Evy. So exciting!!

Can't wait to get started on this adventure!! Then I still have most of the summer to sit home, garden, kayak, sew and read!!


Colleen said...

If I don't see you before you leave here's wishing you and Evelyn a great journey. I just know you are going to have oodles of fun.
Enjoy the quilt shops too!

sandy quilts said...

Hope you have a great trip with Evelyn - what memories for you both to share!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Oh, how exciting!! Take lots of photos..those mountains are so two are gonna have the time of your life. :0)

Not sure when you are leaving but if you get the chance stop over and see my studio...I've been transforming it from an empty shell since I moved in.

Stephanie ♥