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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A surprise for Kenny's momma!

My mother-in-law has always been wonderful to me and my kids, so when she loved the last Halloween wallhanging I put on my blog, I thought it would be fun to make one just for her. She is like me and Kenny...she LOVES Halloween. There was a great embroidery disk with beautiful cross-stitch pictures on it, so I used that one to create the pictures.
I made the pictures every night for two weeks, which was fun because while I was making it, I thought of how much she would love it. Aren't the colors just lovely? If you click on the pictures, you can see the faces, and shading on each one.

This was probably my favorite! I loved the greens in the hat and on the pumpkin!

This design took two nights to do because of the number of color changes. It was amazing to watch it come to life! :)

On Friday nights, we have a "sit and sew" at the quilt shop for 4 hours. We have pizza, garlic knots, and snacks and we can work on whatever projects we want to while we are there. I brought this little quilt last Friday and had my friends help me decide which pictures went in each section. Then they picked the border fabric too. That made it even more fun!

I was able to post this today because I just got a call from her that it finally arrived. She loves it and was surprised to get it. I was happy to send it to her since I knew it was going to a good home! LOL


Colleen said... came out really great! I just love your embroidery designs!!!

Jean said...

Wow...Im suprised Kenny let it leave the house it is sooooo beautiful...u are so talented

Roz said...

It is absolutely amazing! I love it, lucky Mom-in-Law.

sandy quilts said...

You already know that I love it!! I can't wait to borrow your cross stitch embroidery patterns....when I learn my machine, that