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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Happy Fisherman

We had a pretty big Nor'easter here last week and the winds were howling up until this morning. Kenny figured that all those winds from the south had to push baitfish up here to our neck of the woods, so this afternoon he loaded his fishing gear into my truck and went fishing while I was working on an embroidery project. He said it was like a fishing dream out there tonight!! He was catching one fish after another and was able to bring home this huge striper for Rob and me to eat for MANY dinners! :) I was so happy for him when he called from the ocean to tell me how much fun he had. Sort of made me wish I had tagged along to snap a few pictures while it was going on. Last week, I went with him one night and really enjoyed sitting there while he fished. It was very relaxing


sandy quilts said...

Yummy!!! It sure must have been cold out there on the water! Another embroidery project - now what? Halloween?

Ruth said...

Yum!! I love fish. What a great catch. Enjoy!!

Miss you and all the girls in the sewing room on MJF!


sandy quilts said...

Wish I were having fish for dinner tonight !!!!!! See you tomorrow Sheryl....I can't believe Kenny doesn't eat fish - shame on him!!!

Colleen said...

Wow...that's a big one! LOL! I don't eat fish either but he sure must be proud of his catch!!!

Jean said...

Wow...what a fish