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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old-fashioned pig roast! A neighborhood affair!

My friends/neighbors had a grand pig roast for their daughter's wedding shower. It was a big party instead of a shower just for the ladies. They had it at their house on the lawn, and it was picture perfect!

Here is a picture of my son Rob and the father of the bride (Mike) as they started roasting the pig on Saturday morning at 6:30 AM!! Kathy, my friend and neighbor, is in the peach outfit. Of course her daughter, Leah, is the one in the green with the tiara! Robin is the groom's mom. Leah used to babysit my kids!! She was my mother's helper for a number of years as well. Can it be that all of these kids are old enough to be getting married?

The night before the party, we all went to help Mike and Kathy get ready. As we ate dinner together in the tent that night, I said it reminded me of an Amish barnraising. It really was a neighborhood event, which made it even more special.

Getting the arbor ready. Keith and Barbara used this for their kids and are now putting it together for Leah. It had lights and sheer fabric on it later.

Sue lives across the street. We all helped each other raise our kids. Since they all turned out great, I guess it's true that it takes a village! She was taking all of the pictures, so I stole her camera to sneak one of her.

Keith had a good system to get the arbor together.

Of course I am messing with the toys for the kids. This megaphone would be great for school.

Barbara is good at making things look beautiful. She is also very patient!

Adam's parents putting the sides on the tent. It was so pretty at night with the lights on in there. We all sat together and had Chinese food once everything was done.

It was exciting to help get ready for the party! We were all looking forward to spending the next day and evening together. Kathy and Mike spent weeks and weeks getting everything just perfect. It all paid off when Leah saw what they had done for her special day.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Sheryl-lyn,

Oh, how I miss animal fat! hee hee I think I felt my cholesterol rise as I looked at that pig. :0) I've had to do away with all animal fat..think about what's left?? Yeah, I saw that look..LOL

I'm so behind on visiting and blogging for that matter. I've just in the past few weeks started to post again during the week. We've really accomplished so much in the house this summer.

We've saved "organizing the lower level" for our wintertime project. We are exhausted! All of the pipe and heat shields are supposed to be in for the wood stove installation {finally}. I think it will be installed just in time for our first freeze.

I know you had a great time at this party..that really took a lot planning.

Thanks for stopping in to visit with me a while come back soon!

Hugs to you,
Stephanie ♥

Colleen said...

Sheryl, looks like everything went great for the shower! I know you had fun and what a great way for friends and neighbors to share a special time together!