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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Quilt for Michelle!

My friend Michelle from work was diagnosed with breast cancer last spring and is finishing up her treatment now.  She is expected to make a full recovery, which is such a blessing, but she has had a lot of trouble with the last few rounds of chemo.  I made her this quilt to keep her warm and cozy as she gets rest and healing before coming back to work this November. 
I had actually made this quilt as part of a mystery quilt series a few years back.  Even then I knew that I was making it for Michelle since it was called Mexico, and she is our Spanish teacher.  When she got sick, I decided it was time for me to quilt it and give it to her.

Last weekend Evelyn and Ali were baking together and they made these cake balls.  They were so delicious!  Ali put them on sticks after Evelyn poured melted chocolate on them.  They looked like a little bouquet when they were all done.  How cute and yummy!


Colleen said...

The quilt for Michelle is very nice; vibrant and joyful. I am glad to hear that your friend is doing well! That is always the best kind of news.
The cake balls...LOL...look wonderful and very cute!

Susan said...

What a very cheerful quilt that is! Sure to make her feel better. I hope she's finished with chemo now, and feeling more like doing things.