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Monday, May 28, 2012

Some happy and crazy quilts

This is a very cute wall quilt that is part of a monthly series.  The piece with the beehive on it is all hand-done in wool!  That part comes off the background each month and you will have a different wool picture for every month!  The background quilt is in vintage fabrics and feedsacks.  Cannot wait to use it.  The background is done, but not quilted. 

Last month I made this crazy quilt all in 30s fabrics.  What fun it was to finally make a crazy quilt with lace, rick-rack and buttons.  The quilt needed some little doilies so that I could put buttons on the center to make them look like lace flowers.  Of course, I could not find little doilies anywhere, so I made them with my embroidery machine.  Holy cow that was a blast!  They took a while, but I made like 20 of them in all different colors.  I have a little stash of them now, and I take out the bag and just look at them once in a while.  The quilt does not have batting, I just used flannel fabric on the back, then I tied it with embroidery floss.  Perfect for summer when my husband has the air conditioning set to 40 degrees every night.  That's an exaggeration, but I freeze to death in the house!
The crazy quilt just waiting for binding.  It's a pretty good size for a throw!  The colors are nicer than the picture shows too.
Two weeks ago I started making this string quilt with some friends.  The point is to use your scraps and make crazy designs.  These are spider web blocks because of the way the blocks come together and the pieces look like webs.  Again, I used 30s fabrics.  The goal is to have a 30s quilt for each room of the house so that I can have a theme for each season.  This would be for summer I guess, right?  So bright and unstructured looking.  This quilt is for a table since I made 9 blocks.  Not sure how I plan to quilt it, but nothing too serious.  Maybe a little something in the center stars and then a loopy pattern on the webs.    Ken is not the biggest fan of the wild nature of these quilts, but he can appreciate the work involved.  He likes more traditional stuff with a basic color theme.  He likes the civil war colors and the patchwork style a lot more.  Poor thing, I think these hurt his eyes!

I have a few table runners to add here another time.  I used Blueberry Crumb fabric for them!  Oh, do I love that fabric!!

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Colleen said...

Great little quilt tops in these 30's scraps! You need to bring them in so I can see them up close. Love your lace 'flowers' too.