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Monday, May 28, 2012

Miss America's 25th! Ok, only our Miss America!

Our baby turned 25 this month and we all celebrated together for dinner.  This is Evy with her former roommate!  She really misses the dogs and spends all of her time with them when she visits!

My mother sent a present that totally scared and freaked Evy out.  It was a dishtowel that looks like a little dress.  She thought that my mom made a mistake and sent it to the wrong granddaughter since she is not planning to have a baby any time soon! She actually cried when she saw it (but the laughing kind!)  She kept asking, "What is this?  Why did Nana give me this?"
 Evy loves owls, so I made her a set of owl silverware holders.  There is a cute owl ribbon on the side for a napkin.  She loves them.
Here she is before she opened the gifts.  Not expecting to be shocked and awed by Nana and Grandpa within minutes.  Rob texted Nana after the towel episode and asked how they knew that Evy was expecting!  My mom had no idea that our kids had never seen these little towels that look like dresses!  I guess their generation has no idea about all these cute things!

I could not believe that Evy wore the crown I got her for her birthday!  Usually she is like, "Ma!?!?" and there is that look....You know that look, right?  The one reserved only for mothers from their daughters!?  :)  Well, it was nice that she humored me and seemed to enjoy wearing it.  I had to remind her to take it off when she went to bed after she went home.  Fun times.

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Colleen said...

Awww...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVY! What a great post. Love the little dish towel dress...memories for sure! The Owl is so great too! And, rest assured, I know the "LOOK" all too well. Wish I could say that at some point it stops happening...IT DOESN'T!