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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Babies of two kinds!

This June, we lost our dog Millie (the yellow lab) to liver and kidney shutdown.  She was 13 1/2 years old and had been one of the most entertaining dogs we ever had.  This left our Penny as an only dog for a few weeks.  She was moping and sad about being all alone.

Then we got one of these!!  Isn't this little one like a Minnie Me?  It only took Penny two and a half days to become pals with little Emma.  They are always together now and she seems to have made our Penny feel like a puppy again.  Did I mention that Ken and I do NOT feel like new puppies again?  Holy cow is this a lot of work.  With no kids at home to help out, we are up at night and running her outside every time she moves (just in case she has to pee--which she always does).  She is a very cute and fun puppy though.  Just forgot how much work it all is! WOW!
A friend at work had a gorgeous baby boy this spring, so I made him this quilt.  My friend is a phys ed teacher and of course loves all sports.  I made embroideries with all little animals playing sports.  I used colors to match the favorite teams of my friend.

I got this backing fabric while on a trip to Amish country in PA!  Even when we did not know if it was a boy or a girl, this was going on the back!  No matter what, this baby would be a Giants fan!

Since it is summer, we have been doing our major top-to-bottom house cleaning!  Of course I am sewing every day too.  Have a few projects going on as we speak.  Being home is something I just love.  I never get bored when I am home since there is always something to clean, cook, sew, read...

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Colleen said...

That little pup is too cute! And Penny looks very happy to have her around! The quilt is simply adorable!