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Monday, July 30, 2012

Yes, it's always time for Halloween at our house!

My husband and I just love the holidays, but by far, the ones we love best are Halloween and Christmas.  I admit that I do not really sew too many Christmas items, but that is because I always feel more pressure to get stuff done for Christmas if I make things.  I sew for Halloween during the summer, which leaves only a little time for Christmas sewing once I go back to school in September.  My goal this year is to have something Halloweenish for each room of the house this fall.  I might just make it!

Anyway, Ken and I have to travel pretty far to a bookstore now that our Borders is gone (don't even get me started on that sadness!) so when we go up west of here, we buy EVERYTHING we might want for a few months.  So, I saw this fabulous magazine of all fall quilting and had to have it.  You really need it too if you like fall sewing.  It's called QUILTING CELEBRATIONS and there is only one thing in there I will not be making.  It's that good.

The first thing I made was this adorable wallhanging.  it was fusible, but there was no machine applique or anything.  You just cut it all out, fuse it, put sheer black tulle (I got some with little sparkles in it) over it, quilt it with straight-style black quilting, bind it and DONE!  It was a fun and easy project (if I finished it in total, that means it was easy and FUN!).  Click on it to make it larger...then you can see how simple it really is. 

I have projects in various stages of completion all over my sewing areas, and there are many that I am actually finishing this year.  Hope you are enjoying your summer and getting some sewing done.

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Colleen said...

LOVE IT! So very cute. I just might make the trek west to see what lurks and perhaps pick up a copy of my own...if there are any left!