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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Annual Redneck Pumpkin Day!

Every year my kids have a redneck pumpkin carving party at the river.  You have to wear a flannel shirt, boots and be prepared to carve some fun pumpkins!  Here is Ali's mallard pumpkin.

Deb and I did Fred and Wilma Flintstone.  Deb made Fred.
Joe won a prize for his Mickey Mouse pumpkin!  Nice teeth!
Of course there has to be fishing at a redneck party.  Evy caught this carp but her brother had to take him off the line for her.
Amanda and Mike made Bert and Ernie.  They won prizes too.
Ali and Rob won for their hunter and mallard pumpkins.

How about a kiss?
Evy fills a pinata every year and we win candy.  Of course Jon and Rob mess with us as we swing.  They move the pinata up and down while we are blindfolded.
Deb and I did not win, but we liked our Fred and Wilma!  Yaba daba doo!
Tonight we are bracing for a major storm, Hurricane Sandy, so I did some sewing, did all the cleaning and vacuuming today.  School is already closed for at least tomorrow so I will do laundry and other stuff tomorrow morning.  Hope it's not too bad, but it seems like it will be.

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