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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Christmas Sewing Treats

I have been sewing a lot and actually making a few things for Christmas BEFORE Christmas even gets here!  That is not my normal Christmas sewing routine.  I hand embroidered a few towels while watching tv at night.  This was the first one I did.  It's just so relaxing to stitch away the hours before bedtime.

My husband is a holiday junkie and loves every cartoon and Christmas show.  We own every holiday cartoon ever made.  I am not kidding about that!  Anyway, he is especially crazy about Peanuts and Charlie Brown, so when this fabric line came out, I bought most of it and made him a quilt for our anniversary, which is tomorrow.  All quilted, binding on and done!

I also made a few mug rugs with my embroidery machine.  I actually made the embroideries last year and made the mug rugs this year.  Aren't they cute for morning tea or coffee during the holidays?

Kenny's quilt in full.  Not sure why my blog reorganizes the pictures after I upload them! I had all the pictures in order, but this is like a game!  Which picture goes with which one?  :)

Another embroidered towel.  I have these hanging on my oven door.  This one was made while I was on the bus ride to Frost Valley with my 7th graders.  That was a GREAT field trip.  Being outside all day and evening was so incredible since we are always inside sitting at a desk.  I will do that trip forever if I am able.

My friend Michelle is a snowman collector so I made her this snowman for her birthday, which was last week.  I have to add his eyes and a few other buttons tonight so I can bring it in to school tomorrow.  She will love him!

The last time I posted was right before Hurricane Sandy!  Our home was not damaged but there was great destruction all over Long Island.  We had trees down all over our neighborhood, and we lost power for 9 days, but that was really all.  We have a generator and a woodstove, so we were not cold or anything.  Our quilt shop was destroyed totally, but the owner has already relocated and is open for business!!  Get to Pieceful Quilting now!!  You will love it! 

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Colleen said...

Sheryl, everything is darling. Love those dish towels and that trim is fantastic!