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Sunday, December 30, 2012

An evening gown made from garbage bags! Puppy's first snow.

My kids like to have each other over for parties and dinners, so there is always something fun to look forward to in their lives.  For Christmas, Evy and Jon had everyone to their house for dinner and secret Santa sharing.  Evy thought it would be fun to dress as Santa that night.  She made her guests sit on her lap and tell them what they wanted for Christmas (she is about 100 pounds lighter than her brother, boyfriend and other friends who attended!), and then they all got a little gift from Santa.  Sounds like fun.

Thought I would show you how big Emma has gotten!  She is as big as Penny now!  This is Emma's first snowfall and she was having a grand time!  Penny is the one looking dejected closer to the truck.  They did not like posing for this picture.
Emma with a nose full of snow.  She was running around like a maniac when she first got into the snow.  Both dogs were having a fun time.

For New Years Eve, all of the kids will be going to Rob's house for a dinner party.  The theme this year is fancy dresses for the girls.  Not sure about the guys...wonder if they have to be formal too?  Anyway, Evelyn wanted to make a gown from garbage bags (I have no idea why!LOL) and here it is!  I think she looks really cool!  It's interesting to see the creative side of kids, isn't it? 

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sandy quilts said...

Evelyn is very creative! Wonder where she gets that from!!

Emma & Penny are sooooo cute.