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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS from me and my Rice Krispy snowmen

We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so yesterday I did a lot of cooking and preparing for dinner, which was actually very relaxing and fun (I love to be home).  Most of the recipes I used came from the December and January 2012 issue of TASTE OF HOME.  Everything was delicious and fairly easy.  It's a great magazine if you love to cook but don't want anything too complicated.  Never have I had a bad meal from there.

The centerpiece was a $5 bargain from Stop and Shop on December 23.  The place settings all have a towel from my embroidery machine. 

Kenny and I made Rice Krispy treat snowmen to put at everyone's setting.  This is Kenny's place at the table.  Notice the deer poop in his snow!  Wanted to remind him of his deer hunting days.

Even though I loved the snowman idea, we made them the night before and they kept falling over all night on the tray.  They slowly started to sink into themselves and lose their hats!  It was like a zombie snowman scene when I saw them in the morning.  So of course, I had to rebuild them all day and just hope they would last til dinner!  They did.  Rob said they were still cute and "had character" to them! Ha!

The snowmen in their pre-finished state!!  They did bring a lot of smiles to everyone and even though I would not let anyone eat them (we had handled them too much by that point) they did look precious at the table.  Today I do nothing but relax and maybe go for a ride.  I made enough food to last for a few days, so it will be sewing and reading time for many days to come!!  Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family!! 

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