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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wooden quilt box

Well, my dad has been busy in his wood shop these days! Here is the gorgeous box he recently made me! I am using it for thread when I do embroidery designs. I can line up the ones I need for a project in the box to keep the clutter down while I am working!  There is always a note inside the project, which I keep right there for the future so I can read it again.

My embroidery machine is working full time from the minute I get home!  I am making Christmas towels for my dinner guests on Christmas Eve, so the machine is going all the time!!  We were not getting along for a while (the machine's fault!!) but she seems to be working like a charm lately.  Maybe she knew that I was on ebay looking for her replacement! :)

Tomorrow is my last day of school and then I am off for 11 days.  Looking forward to that time in my house with Ken and the friends and family I will see often.  When times are a little crazy like they are now, I am always looking forward to being home more.  Makes me feel secure and cozy.  Actually, my classroom is very comfy too.  The kids put up lights and decorations a few weeks ago and everyone who stops by just wants to sit and relax for a few minutes!  I have a room scenter thingie in there too which smells like fresh cookies!  We just finished reading A CHRISTMAS CAROL in seventh grade and "The Raven" in eighth.  Great stuff that the kids really enjoy!

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Colleen said...

Oh, that box is fantastic. A great compliment to any sewing room. I know you will treasure it forever!