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Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy snowman quilt

After I posted last night, I finished the little details on this snowman.  I like his eyes!

I had these cute Christmas light buttons and thought they would look nice on the tree branches.
I put these down the front of his jacket.  The one in the center is an angel.  That reminded me of her son Ryan who is in heaven now.  Michelle noticed that button first and smiled.  Her son always loved Christmas so much and so does she.

I added a few snowflake buttons to the side.  All quilters know that we add buttons when we have a "little problem" somewhere on the quilt.  :)  Let's say that my new binding tool and I are NOT friends right now!  The one on the shoulder covers a little pucker on the shoulder.  No one but me would have noticed it, but I like the snowflake there.

Michelle and I do not give birthday presents to one another really, but she was so happy to get this on a rainy Monday morning!  We hung it in her classroom so she can see him all day.  I like seeing him there too.

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sandy quilts said...

Very cute snowman Sheryl!