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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My new baby! Ellisimo Gold is here!

I have been searching and researching embroidery machines since the fall and finally made the commitment to this Ellisimo Gold last week!  While my old one is still pretty good, it does have a few quirks now that it's ten years old, and no matter who I take it to, it still acts up from time to time.  Not very relaxing when you sew as a hobby.  So, I plunked the money down last Saturday (almost two weeks ago actually) and it came yesterday.  Perfect timing since I am done with drama club since Tuesday night!!!  I am on vacation next week so plan to do some serious embroidery while I am off.  Can't wait!

Look at the size of the embroidery unit compared to my old machine!!  It will be amazing!!

Funny how I still love my old girl, though.  I used her tonight for hours!!  I have missed sewing every night.  This weekend I will be at the quilt store in town two times (YAY) and the one in Cutchogue all day on Saturday.  It feels good to have no more huge obligations after school.


Colleen said...

Good for you! I know that you are going to love her as I love mine!!!

sandy quilts said...

Good luck with your new baby! Maybe I'll be inspired to use my Sofia to embroider! I did make that butterfly when Diane held the mastery class. Can't wait to see what you make!