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Thursday, February 28, 2013

15 minute quilt block and a lot of messes

This quilt is a result of a cool class I took a few weeks back.  It's a 15 minute (or was it 5?) quilt block.  It was fun and relatively easy.  I used my fabric stash and just threw together any colors.  Fun.

Now on to the messes!  Ken and Rob worked on the floor and moldings today.  It's after 8 and Ken is just finishing for the night after sanding all day.  We have our bedroom furniture all over the upstairs.  What a mess.  Our bedrooms are small and with the extra stuff in there it is like a closet.  I took one bedroom and Ken has the other.  I slept with Penny and the cat, which made me hot all night.  How did Evy do this every night all of her life!?

You can barely walk around to get to the bed in Rob's room.  This is Ken's dorm for the next week or so.
While Ken and Rob were upstairs sanding and strpping moldings, Emma was getting nervous in the living room.  Very nervous.  Like eating stuff nervous.  She ate money.  Like 30 dollars!  This is all that's left of three ten dollar bills on the coffee table.   She ate a few bills as well.  LIPA, insurance bills, etc.  Gives a whole new meaning to the dog ate it! 


Beverly said...

Hey there!! Long time since we talked. Love the quilt. I had emailed you around the time of Hurricane Sandy to check on you. Perhaps your email has changed. I have gotten back into quilting this year....made 11 for Christmas projects...reminded me of the summer you sewed so many quilt tops outdoors on your porch. Well, just wanted to stop and say "Hi" and let you know I was thinking of you.


Colleen said...

Oh, that scrappy "10 minute" (LOL) came out so great! I love it!
You must be going crazy with the mess of the house...just stay focused on the end result!
Poor Emma...I hope she doesn't get indigestion from all those bills!