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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Superbaby quilt for superbaby Jake!

One of my best friends from work is having a baby this spring!!  She and her husband are really good friends of ours, so I actually know their hobbies and likes, etc. which made this quilt a lot of fun to make.  Her husband is a total comic book junkie and loves all things superhero-ish.  I looked online and got this great Marvel comics fabric and I got some nice embroideries with superbaby stuff and then I got to work!  I had to design the quilt to make sure I got good use of the main fabric so that it could be really seen.

Then I added little touches with my new Ellisimo that included things like the baby's own superbaby website.  That was fun to sew out.

Just needs a binding now!  The shower is tomorrow afternoon, so that's no problem.

This is a quilt I made years ago and finally sent to be quilted.  It's just so springlike, isn't it?  Janet from Farmhouse Quilts did it for me.  She does great stuff!

The house is still a dusty mess, but Ken has the floors almost ready to be finished.  I am estimating that we will be able to live in there for good again in about 10 days since there is wait time between coats on the floor, primer on the walls and all of that work that is left to be done.   So today I quilted the baby quilt, will bind it and get a few other things done.  I know that the baby's dad will love this quilt.  That's why it's a little bigger than a baby-size.  I thought he might use it too!

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Colleen said...

Okay, that came out so "super" cute!