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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun times in Amish country!

Deb and I spent a few days at our friend's B&B this past week and as always, it was awesome!  We stay at Sheep Hill Bed and Breakfast whenever we are visiting Lancaster and it is a fabulous experience every time.  They had no real snow this winter, but of course we brought some with us!  It snowed all day on Monday, but it was not bad for traveling and shopping.  The only weird thing was that almost everything was closed for the snowstorm!!  We were like, "This is not even snow!!"  Holy cow, it was strange.  The roads were perfectly clean all day.  About 85% of stores and restaurants were closed!

The first night out, we went to a wonderful restaurant called Greenfields.  This was what the Bloody Mary looked like!  It was a meal in itself...bacon included.  It was our first time there, but we will be back.

A normal sight while in town!  It is nice (except for the manure!).
On the last night there, we found this little restaurant in Lancaster city.  It was called Horse Inn.  The fun part was finding it, which was like impossible!  There is a parking lot, but no restaurant!  Anyway, it is between two alleys with no street signs, or anything.  It was like being in the movie "Labyrinth" where you just mysteriously end up inside.  Once in there, you sit in a horse stall for dinner.  The food was amazing!  The service was excellent.  A fun experience.

View from my window in the B&B.
Full view of our little stall!  This was such a memorable time!

On the last night, we went to see NOAH at Sight and Sound Theater.  This is what the theater looks like.  It is on top of a hill and can be seen everywhere!  Magnificent.  The show was amazing, as usual.  We try to see whatever is showing when we are in town.  Tickets are hard to get, so we order ahead.

There is a great quilt shop about 30 minutes from our home base.  It is a great shop run by Mennonites (I think!  They might be Amish).  There is so much fabric in there.  Next to the shop is this deer farm.  They are beautiful animals, and very friendly.

Since being home, I have been cleaning, cooking and sewing my little head off.  I was having a terrible time with my new embroidery machine (and having sleepless nights over it) but have since discovered that ALL of the problems with shredding threads were from my iron-on Sulky stabilizer!!  That probably explains why my last machine was doing the same thing!  So, now that that is taken care of, I am embroidering all day and night.  I have made dozens of embroideries since realizing the problem.  Will show some tomorrow for Easter!! Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Easter is one of my favorites because of what it means to me as a Christian. 

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Colleen said...

Looks like you had a fun trip to Lancaster! Snow? What snow? LOL!
Glad you figured out what was happening with your machine.
Have a Blessed Easter!