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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Table and a Happy Engagement!

The other day at Michaels, I saw these cute little jars and thought they would be cute with a little candle inside of them for the Easter table.  Then I saw the clip-on flowers and thought they would be a nice dash of color.  I put the little colored rocks in there to hold the candle, but sand would have been better.  As a gift for the ladies at my dinner table, each one got a candle holder.  I took the plain clear one.

Evy's boyfriend Jon rearranged the clip-on flowers since he liked different colors on each one.  That was fun to watch.  This big, burly guy organizing my candle holders! 

My son and his wonderful girlfriend are engaged!!  We could not be happier as a family.  She is a perfect match for our boy!!  They are so happy together.

Kenny wanted to color Easter eggs this year even though no one is here to eat them.  This week I will make egg salad though.  Of course the puppy had to watch every move just in case we dropped some food.

How easy was this centerpiece?  Cut flowers in the center with little daffodils and pansies around them.  I will plant the flowers this week after school one afternoon.
Isn't the ring Rob gave Ali gorgeous?  He picked it out by himself!!  She loves it!  Did I tell you how happy we all are?  Rob even did the old-fashioned thing and asked for her parents' blessing before he asked her.  Such a good boy! :)

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Colleen said...

So happy for you...and Rob! And the Easter table looked divine!