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Monday, April 8, 2013

Shakespearean baby quilt for Makayla

I finally got the top of the quilt done for my friend Katy's baby (she is due at the end of the month and hopes to work until the last minute).  The bad part about making a quilt that has all of this embroidery in it is that I have to design the quilt to fit the designs.  I am not good at the designing part!  All of that math...oh Lordy, does it make my brain hurt!  I picked a little four patch and looked on Missouri Quilt Co to see their tutorial and it helped, but the blocks were too small so I had to add the little frame.

My friends told me to use the larger block that would not fit the top correctly as a label for the back. I like it a lot.  I am putting the back together tonight and getting it ready for quilting (which I will do tomorrow night).  Again, I had to make a pieced back, so there was more measuring and math stuff.

Juliet is reaching to her Romeo.
When I was putting this on the trailer for the picture, I actually said to myself, "This is so cute!!"  I really like it!
Ophelia and her Hamlet.  She looks happy here...Hamlet was not really very nice to her! :(

The goal is to get this to Katy before the week is out.  The Ellisimo has some really cute quilting designs, so I guess I will try them when I quilt tomorrow.  Then I have to start the quilt for the other Katie!!  I got the cutest fabric with math equations on it for her.  It's from the Berenstain Bears collection and so totally adorable.  Can't wait to show you.  Funny how both Katy and Katie are our math teachers and both having babies.  That's  good math!


sandy quilts said...

Sheryl, this came out really cute! I love the setting too.

Colleen said...

Great job getting this all together...and fast too! It is really so very cute!