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Monday, March 18, 2013

Bedroom almost done! Some fun pillows!

I have been feeling a little funky for the past two days (might have been around a few sick people, I think), so it was fun to come home from work and have a package waiting for me!! My mom loves to make pillows and made these for me!  The chicken fabric is so cute!
Tomorrow Ken is moving us back into our bedroom!  He did such a great job painting the walls/ceiling and refinishing the floor.  It looks so pretty and fresh in there.  Wish I could put a bed in there and nothing else.  The furniture we have is too big for such a little bedroom, but we have made-do for all of these years, so it will have to go back in.

The paint looks a little neonish here, but it is really very soft in appearance.  The lighting made this part look too bright!
The other pillow from mom!  I just love them!
The walls are a very pale yellow and the trim is about 3 shades darker.  It looks to nice that I cannot wait to sleep in there and wake up in such a happy room!

So, tomorrow night it's back to our room.  I need to buy new sheets for the bed tomorrow after school.  I got bleach on the old ones when I was washing the ceiling. 

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