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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baby girl quilt with a twist of Shakespeare

My friend Katie is having a baby girl next month and she just loves cats, so I found these great embroideries at Embroidery Library a while back and decided that as an English teacher, I had to have them.  Katie teaches math in our building (as does my best buddy Katy, who is also pregnant right now! I hope it's not catching!) and she is just the cutest little thing with her very, very (did I say VERY) round belly!  She will love this baby quilt for her little girl.

This fabric line is so colorful and modern that I thought it was perfect for a modern little baby.  The blocks are all simple four patches that I made by following directions on Missouri Quilt Company's youtube videos.  They have something for everyone.

The shower for Katie is this Wednesday, so I am trying to get it done by then.  Of course, then I will be making a baby quilt for the other Katy, so the baby fun just keeps coming.  Isn't it nice to see the young people having babies?  It makes me feel so hopeful for the future.
Today Kenny primed the walls in our room and right now he is painting the ceiling for the second time.  Aside from peeling the wallpaper, I have done very little up there.  It seems weird for me to do so little.  However, watching Kenny (and Rob when he was here) do so much hard work made me tired.  Guess that's sort of like pitching in!  Hope you are all having a good weekend!

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Colleen said...

Cute, cute baby stuff going on in your world! I made a baby quilt this week too but still need borders. I don't have a baby in mind so I suppose it's another one made on speculation...HAHA!