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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Evelyn's wedding quilt is coming along...finally!

I had some blocks ready for this quilt from a sampler class years ago.  I still needed more, so this weekend I made the rest.  This is a fun block called Jacob's Ladder.
Lover's knot is one of the names for this pretty block, so I knew I had to make it.
My friend Sandy gave me some of her blocks for the quilt.  This Dresden plate is hers.  All I had to do was appliqué the center on.
Bow tie is one of my favorites, so it made the cut!
This block is called Hearts and Gizzards in Eleanor Burns' new book.  That book was the inspiration for this quilt.  I enjoyed this one.  I ran out of fusible interfacing, so used a dryer sheet for the hearts.  It will smell good anyway!
This apron block will remind Evy and Jon of me whenever they see it.  I still love my aprons and wear one every day.
I used to give the kids a cup of tea every night before bed, so this is a nice memory.
Ok, so I am sewing really slowly on these blocks...and I am trimming and trimming to be perfect when it's possible.  My friend Sandy liked to force me to show my backs back in the day (it wasn't pretty! Lol) so these are for her.  The sewing slowly part makes me think of all the times my friend Jennie watched her sewing machine hop all over the table when I sewed by her.  Colleen is smiling about all the trimming I am doing too!  I growl at her every time she says I have to do that step in my all these fun thoughts made this more fun for me as I worked.

Now I have to decide if I want appliquéd tulips on the white borders or if I want little flowers and vines.  I have the accuquilt block cutters for either choice.  What do you think?


Marilyn Fassett said...

Since I am a lover of tulip, they would be my preference.

Colleen said...

Nice backs lady! I would love to see the blocks together before the border decision...but I think the flowers.

Jo Momma said...

Little flowers and vines!

sandy quilts said...

Nice seams girlfriend!!