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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas pillows and some easy to make lamps

I finished the pillows and have them all in use!  I am seriously finishing things that I start!  It's a good feeling that I hope I can sustain for a while.
The pillow here is from a cool disc that I got a few months ago.  You actually have to slice the stitching to create the fuzzy look.  I like it a lot

I made these lamps on the mantle last week.  You thread Christmas lights through the hole in the bottom, arrange decorations and other fun stuff in there and it's done, and pretty.

I did one in reds and whites and the other in gold, red and white.  

Well, Christmas is already over and done with.  It was such a lovely season, especially since we had snow several times.  Today I was planning to visit the quilt store, but when I got in my truck, the battery was dead.  Perhaps I should not have left the door open for hours so the dogs could sit in there while I did my chores the other day!  There is one quilt I hope to finish this week, so I will work on that today.

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Colleen said...

Love the little are so crafty!