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Saturday, June 14, 2014

New sewing center and a new quilting project!

After my mom died in March, my dad and I talked about what to keep and what to donate. I wanted the sewing center my dad made for her a few years back, so now it is at my house.  The cabinet opens and there are nice drawers in there.  Very neat!
It has an extended table top which is nice and roomy.  I also have Mom's Bernina to use at classes which I am looking forward to this week.
Last month Kenny got me some new embroidery packs from the quilt store!  Today I started the quilt and it is really nice so far.  This will be a good summer quilting project.  Only a few weeks to go and I am off.  The year went by so fast.  Next time I hope to post some pictures from my son's wedding on June 6!  What a gorgeous wedding day they had.  It was a lovely wedding for two wonderful young people.  I love my daughter in law so much.  I hear from so many people that they don't get along with their in laws, so we are lucky.

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