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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Log cabin quilt ready for quilting

It seems like winter is on its way out finally.  We have grass showing all over and the mud has officially started.  When I went shopping yesterday morning I saw tulips and brought some home to cheer the kitchen up.
A few weeks ago I took a log cabin quilt class and it was fun and easy for the most part. Last night I finished putting it together.  I used a mix of 30s fabrics and modern brights.  They look good to me.
I used a nice red and white as a border which made the white stand out even more but brought it all together too. 
I purchased a quilting machine on Friday!  It will be here in a week or so.  It was an unexpected event but it was on sale!  Who says no to a big sale?  This will be quilted on the new machine. :)


sandy quilts said...

Another pretty quilt! I like the colors and the border does complete the quilt nicely. So glad you made room for your new tiara!!!!! Yay

Rohini Sharma said...

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