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Saturday, April 25, 2015

My first quilt done on the Tiara 2

So Evelyn and II finished cleaning and organizing my little attic and the bedroom closets last weekend! I have the Tiara in her old bedroom, and now it's all neat and organized for quilting.  For some reason, I am one of those people who have to have order in my house before I can enjoy my hobbies.  Of course, I am NOT a neat freak or anything, but my mind gets so cluttered and distracted when things are a mess.  Now my hobbies are in separate closets and out of the way.  The attic is all set up for serging  and regular sewing with my tables and machines all set up.  I can cut up there if I feel like it too.  That took all the mess off the dining room table which is now clean.  After some shopping this morning, I went up to the Tiara and quilted this rail fence quilt.  My embroidery machine came in handy for the teapot borders.  It all came put pretty good.  
My least favorite part of making quilts is sandwiching it all together (followed by binding them) but once I get a few together and ready, then the quilting can begin!  Soon I will start using quilting rulers to make designs. Holy cow are there a lot of good videos out there for machine quilters.  Have a good weekend!  It's cold, but nice and sunny.


sandy quilts said...

Great job on your new Tiara girlfriend!! I'm happy we will get to sew and chat next Saturday - seems like it's been forever. Time for me to clean up my sewing room after dinner. Kim's cleaning hers today also.

Colleen said...

That looks fantastic. I am glad you are having fun quilting on your Tiara...I am also! Now I just need some of your motivation to organize my sewing room so I can put Lady Tiara in her forever home!!!