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Friday, January 1, 2016

Halloween quilt done and delivered!

The girls were married on Halloween and this is them under the quilt.  They loved it and let me know right away!
Thought I should show the blocks separately and then all together.

There is so much detail in every block.

Here it is hanging on my nieces' fence in Vermont.  I never got to take a picture before I gave it to them so I took a picture when I went to visit them this past week.  I enjoyed the whole process and even though I doubt I'll make another one exactly like this, it was fun to work on!  


Deb said...

Beautiful! I can't begin to imagine how many hours of stitching are in that quilt. Not to mention time to change threads. Or how many miles of thread! I'm glad to see it's appreciated.

sandy quilts said...

This is an amazing quilt! So much work and time - looks like the girls love it too!!