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Saturday, January 30, 2016

My lovely daughter in law is learning to sew and make quilts!

Ali has a friend who is having a baby so she wants to make a quilt.  She came over two times so far and has made good progress.  A few years ago we were going to make one for her friend's first baby, but time got away from us with their wedding plans and just life in general.  So now she will make one for each of her friend's children.  I am so happy to have someone in the family to sew with me.  Maybe this will inspire Evelyn to get started too.  Evelyn will do other crafts so we do get to create together.
Sewing on the Babylock.
Chain piecing!
Getting the colors worked out.

We're going to add machine embroidery with the baby's name and put some
animals driving cars on a strip at the top. It will be so cute.

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