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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I finally started my $%#@% slipcover.

I will admit it. I'm afraid of the slipcover. All day yesterday I told myself that I had to make this thing while I am on vacation. I just got home from Pennsylvania last night and decided that I would begin today. Well, first I had to get the house clean. That took until noontime (of course I had to take curtains down, wash windows, wash sheets, do moldings, etc.) Then I had to go to the quilt shop to buy the thread for the blasted slipcover. That took about an hour. On the way home I decided to go to Walmart to get the velcro I would need for the blasted slipcover, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the most adorable fabric for new curtains for the two bathrooms. Naturally I had to refrain from actually whipping up the curtains until the slipcover was at least started, right? Finally, I realized how pathetic all this procrastinating is and I started to pin the fabric in place on the chair. I did a little cutting and pinning and have three pieces in place so far. If I get too worked up about sewing it together, I will just leave all the pins in and call it a day!

My trip to Pennsylvania was spectacular and energizing. We stay at the nicest little B&B in East Earl. I will post pictures of it later so you can appreciate just how cute it is. The owners, Laura and Greg are the nicest people and make you feel so at ease and comfortable. I got to spend the day with my friend Beverly at her farm with the little goats!!! There is a picture of me with the smallest baby on her blog BeeHavenAcres!! She made me and my friend Deb the most gorgeous aprons too. Plus she shared some of her canned goods from her gardens. What a glorious day that was. It was sad to leave lovely PA, but we will be back. Kenny would like to make the trip when he is not so busy with work. Maybe this summer when it's a little slow.


queenofdreamsz said...

You go Sheryl-lyn!! You can absolutely do this slipcover..why it's looks great already. :o)

Procrastination...omg did I even spell that right?'s spelling really reflects what it does to us..LOL

The baby goat's are so full of life energy..I used to go lay down in the kid yard and have a dozen of them running and jumping on and off of me like I was the queen mountain..RITF So many good memories.

Sheryl-lyn said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Stephanie. I woke up this morning and told myself that I will not be defeated by this bunch of fabric!!

OMG those goats!! Gotta have some!!

Beverly said...

Bring Kenny to the farm for a are both welcome... you can stay over...we have room!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Wouldn't that be the best, Bev? Kenny is a very fun person to be around!! Deb and I had a great time with you!!