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Thursday, April 17, 2008

spring swap blocks are here!!!

These blocks are from a MJF spring block swap!! I was thinking that maybe I would add a nice floral sashing to it. Right now I am not sure if I want it to be a table covering or a small lap quilt. The tags on them are the names of the women who created them. So far, I think I have done about 12 swaps with the girls at MJF and by now many of us are friends. Making these blocks was fun because it made spring come faster. Pretty soon, I will post a picture of the quilt top.

In two days I am off to Pennsylvania with my friend Deb!! We will do some quilt shops, antique shops, lots of food from Cracker Barrel and a dinner with the Amish. On Monday, we are learning to make soap with the owner of the B&B we stay at while we are there. Then, when I get home, it is time to make the slipcover. There will be 4 days left to get it done before going back to school. While I am away, I am going to get my witch kitchen towel embroidered. It's only been about three months since I started it.


Autumn said...

How fun! Cann I go to PA with you???? Quilt shops,Amish food!!! Especially Amish - I love the true Amish things- it's kinda my happy thought!
Have fun- enough for both of us!!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Maybe some day we can all meet there! I love the peace and simplicity of it all.

Cheryl Marshall said...

I'm with Autumn I want to go too! Have fun!