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Monday, April 7, 2008

Future project for my husband?

I have always wanted an old truck to tool around town in and to use for Sunday drives. My husband used to be an auto body man (one of the very best around too!!) so I would love to get a truck and have him be the one to totally restore it. Anyway, he saw this truck and took me to see it. The only problem is that it has no motor, no gas tank, no transmission, and so on and so on. When we thought about the total cost, it seemed a little too high for our budget right now. We'll keep looking. These trucks were actually used by Old Navy as props and advertising.


Cathy Cobblestone said...

Hi there, I ran across a comment you made on MJF and I clicked on your cute blog. What first caught my attention was your BeeUUUUtiful home. That is like, my dream house, and the bunting and geraniums - that spoke right to my heart.

So as I was scrolling down reading, I came across this lil' truck which is also one of my dreams. I've always wanted one of these painted bright red with our business name on the side - do you remember when Lynette Jennings use to drive one of these on an old decorating show that was on Discovery chanel? I've been in love with that lil' truck ever since. I do hope you all find one as well - Now wouldn't life be much simplier if we could go back to the time when this truck was "the one" to have.

Blessings to you and your family!
Cathy Cobblestone

Bonne said...

kewl!! I used to have a '52 Ford pkup years ago. They ARE fun to drive , but the steering leaves much to be desired~you have to really keep the hands on the wheel! LOL Keep lookin' ~ ck Craig's List regularly.