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Friday, March 28, 2008

Enjoying family time...

Isn't he pretty? We got close to him before he waddled away. He's a wood duck, by the way.

I was grading state tests for three days this week, and we got done a little early today, so I got to leave work an hour sooner than usual. I called my husband, and we met at the local wildlife refuge and took a nice long walk there together. He was in the neighborhood estimating a job, so it was perfect timing. For the past few weeks, we have hardly had dinner together, much less time to relax and unwind together, so this weekend it will be nice to be home (my emboidery machine is humming away right now), eating together and doing work around the house.

Sometimes the busy times are good for you too, though. All of this time away from home has made it even more precious and appreciated when I am here. Pretty soon, when all of my big school obligations are done, I will be able to come home earlier, but for now, things are hectic. Having a whole evening home is a time to treasure.

My friend, Michelle, is probably coming back to work the week of April 14. The 8th grade will be away on the trip to Washington, DC, so she will not be bombarded with all of the kids at once. How hard will it be for her to leave home and return to the "real" world, when hers is not real to her anymore?


Bonne said...

Thanks for the picture of the lake. I miss lakes (born in Minnesota)now that I live on the high plains, they are few and far between.:(

Sheryl-lyn said...

Oh Bonne: I will have to post pictures of the river we live on one of these days. I spend all of the summer months readin books there and playin in my kayak!