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Monday, March 17, 2008

Yes, I am Irish...

I made this variation of the Irish Chain quilt this weekend. There was a mystery quilt class on Thursday, and this is the quilt we were making. I finished it this weekend (really easy) and will try to quilt it this month. At least it was done for St. Paticks Day! The entire quilt is green and white, with the bottom fabric the larger border (I love the shamrocks!) This weekend was a tragic one for my friend (her 25 year old son died in a car crash on Saturday morning) and I used my sewing time to say my prayers for her and for those of us who are her friends. I cannot imagine how we can help her, except to be there. I spent a lot of time thinking about how fragile life is and thinking about how much we had better all make that time memorable and how we had better act on all those dreams we have instead of waiting for the "right" time. Hope you enjoy your corned beef and cabbage tonight. My daughter is making ziti!! What kind of Irish chick is she? I get a night off from the kitchen, so I am not complaining!!:)


Autumn said...

This weekend!!!!!!!???????
How DO you do it?!?!
It is soooo pretty!
We are Irish as well- but sorry- no quilt done here!!!
I have always wanted to do an Irish Chain quilt - two color.
Maybe after the wedding.

Sheryl-lyn said...

It was so easy!! I will send you the directions and you can do it when the wedding is over!

smoothiejuice said...

iwas reading about irish chain and double chains in a book i got from the smoky mountains and how they helped find answers to questions in the mountains about history and such through quilts that they found. any how..i am the solo irish girl in this fam and potatoes for dinner tonight! Cheers to u and your fast quilting abilities!

Beverly said...

Beautiful quilt, are quickly you can turn one out! Erin Go Braugh!!!! Hugs!