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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

I am in an emboidery (machine) block of the month club at my quilting shop. These are the two we did this month!! I am doing all of the fabrics in red and white, with the flowers as the only additional color. I love it! The lines around the design are just the basting, which I will take out once the blocks are done.

So far, my friend is doing ok. She is in such a state of shock that she keeps wanting to believe that he is on vacation in Cancun. I have seen her quite a bit and I am really just there to listen and talk when she wants to. Keep her in your prayers.


smoothiejuice said...

omg...those are the cutest blocks i have ever seen..really they are so awesome! I just love did a great job..they are fantastic!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Glad you like them!! I am so excited about this quilt. It will not be done for about 6 months (we do 2 blocks a month) but it is going to be awesome.

Autumn said...

I love the whimsy and happy in those blocks!!
Sure wish your friend was working on them also- it would be a good diversion for a bit as things begin to sink in.

Bonne said...

Those blocks are just adorable! So cheerful!

Maryjane said...

Sheryl-lyn, love your quilt blocks and blog! So sorry to read about your sweet friends son. I went through this last year and it was a tough year. The young man we lost was like a son to us. Just continue to love her. Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Maryjane Lee #44