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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The dogs' last workday for the year...

Penny with feathers hanging off her tongue. We have to take them off of their mouths with our gloves so they don't get a stomach full.
This is the woodstove near the picnic area (where we all eat lunch together). I am usually huddled there for the time we are eating. It was not on today since it was above 30 degrees.

The hunters are at stands when they shoot. The dog handlers are behind them and send the dogs out after they shoot a bird. Our chair is in the background. The shooters rotate stands every ten minutes or so, when the horn blows.

Millie with a bird she retreived. She gets a little possessive at times and tries to keep picking them back up when we put them in a pile.

Millie and Penny watching a bird fly. They have to wait until we tell them to go before getting the dead bird. Millie is ten and a half already and has arthritis, so we hope she can work again next year, but if she has to retire, at least she got to have a great season this year.


Bonne said...

You've got a couple of fab dogs. It's poetry to watch them in action, isn't it? ;)

Sheryl-lyn said...

Yeah, it really is awesome to watch them!! I love having working dogs!

Autumn said...

Now that's one thing we have in common- the folks down here mostly have working dogs and are duck/goose hunters.
I grew up around it all- no interest in it now- but it is fabulous to watch well trained dogs work!

Ruth said...

What good dogs. Mine is too crazy and would be chasing after them long before we told her she could go. She found a nest of baby squirrels in our wood pile and it was not pretty.