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Friday, March 13, 2009

Knitted tea cozy from my SIL!!!

I was in a tea cozy swap at MJF and spent hours looking for some to make myself. I do not knit, but loved this one!! I sent the link to my SIL and she made it to bring to me when she came yesterday. She put it on my chicken teapot and it looks so cute. On top of the cozy, there are three little chicks sitting on a nest. I love it and plan to use it this weekend when I am sewing and cleaning.
This weekend (March 15) is the anniversary of my friend's son's death. It is so hard to believe a year has gone by and that he has been gone that long. We will all be spending some time at the family's house on Sunday to help them get through the day.


Autumn said...

THAT is ,by far, the CUTEST tea cozy I have ever seen!!!!

How sweet of her to make it for you! Family is such a treat when you can share things you love to do-sweet memories!!!

Sheryl-lyn said...

Autumn; I love it too. She is always making me the cutest things.