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Saturday, March 14, 2009

New haircut, candy and fun times!!

We took a ride out to Orient Point today to get candy and just ride around. This is the Long Island Sound, which is very pretty all year round.
Kenny and Evelyn usually cut my hair (or I do it myself), but this morning, Ken told me to see if I could go get it done by a professional. It turned out that the salon near me had an appointment open at 9 a.m., so off I went. First professional haircut in like 4 years! I like it too. I'll probably have it up in a ponytail by tomorrow, but I will try to keep it like this.

We went to The Candyman for our annual Easter basket candy. They have the best stuff there. That big bunny is the best. We only got little ones though. And of course, jelly beans...I love jelly beans!!

Then we went for a walk at the wildlife refuge. It's Kenny's favorite place in the world. He goes for a walk there almost every day instead of walking on the treadmill.


Queen of Dreamsz said...


Your haircut looks great and I love the color of your's natural isn't it?

The candy store would do me in! Omg, so much chocolate so little time. :0)


Sheryl-lyn said...

yes, my hair is this color now. In the summer, it is almost white from the sun. May have to color it this year.

Ruth said...

Sheryl-lyn~I love the new cut. You look great!!! I don't think you need color at all. Your hair is beautiful.

My husband would die in that candy store. He's a candy addict.