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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dreary and cold all weekend...

Here is what the sky has looked like for days and days. It is supposed to be rainy all week again this week.
Rain on the canoes. Last weekend we were using them in the river when it was sunny and 90 degrees.

I will probably put borders on this quilt I made last week a the mystery quilt class I took. This was the Bahamas and is called "sea glass." It is a lap quilt, so was easy to make.

Since there is not much use in working outside today, I have my embroidery machine working. I am in a BOM for the embroidery machine. This is month 7 out of 10. The last few months I was behind, so this weekend I caught up and am already going to be ready for the first weekend in June, which is the next meeting.
Well, today is our lovely daughter's 22nd birthday. She is such a joy that we cannot even begin to express our love and happiness over her!!
Today at church we talked about honesty. We are supposed to work on the one thing that keeps us from living an honest and open life (with God and others). What a topic to think about for a whole week. Our pastor does his sermons in 4 week sessions sometimes, so that you can wrap your mind around it for a while, and not just for a few minutes and then move on. Good day for thinking, since it is a day of a sort of forced rest, due to the weather.


Beverly said...

Hello there...sorry I missed your call...hope we can connect this week. It is wonderful to see the veggies coming up, how about it?? Spring is finally here!! Hugs to you, friend.

Nancy Jo said...

I know what you mean about the weather, lets have nice sunny warm days, and at night, some nice rain showers. Guess it doesn't always work that way.
My aunt just gave me a lot of material, guess I'm going to have to do something with it. Maybe I'll just start piecing it together and see if it turns into a quilt.The lap quilt you just made is so pretty.Did you put a border on it?
Nancy Jo

Sheryl-lyn said...

Nancy Jo: I have a nice set of borders to put on the lap quilt. The inner one is a bright pink and the outer one is a nice sea shell print. I am excited about it.

Ruth said...

I hope your daughter had a great bday. We have had alot of really rainy nasty days here. I really need some sunshine.
What a great message from your pastor.