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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day weekend means summer here on Long Island!!

I finally got the front porch cleaned and ready for the summer. The weather here is nice and warm, with a lot of sun for the past few days.
My grandpa made this porch swing for me as a Christmas present about 30 years ago when I was really really young!! Did not have a house yet, but I knew I had to have one with a porch when I did buy one.

Two wicker rockers that do not match. They are pretty old too. This is where I sit to read and have tea.

My friend Ronna emailed me this fabric that was for sale on Of course, I had to buy it immediately. Maybe I will make curtains with it, or a new apron.

I started this quilt earlier in the week. The prints are actual feed sacks that I got on Ebay during the past few years. The alternating blocks will be reversed from these, with a print in the background and the flowers plain colors. This quilt is from a great little book called SUGAR SACK QUILTS. One of these days, I will make them all!!


Beverly said...

Adorable fabrics, Sheryl...of course "I" would make an apron with that cute apron fabric!!!! You are most definitely the queen of quilts!!

sandy quilts said...

The flower fabric is great and I love your porch swing! Do you have astro-turf or are you married to a land scaper or what - such GREEN grass! You house and yard look beautiful. Happy Memorial Day (tomorrow)

Sheryl-lyn said...

Kenny is a landscaper!! He works on these amazing houses in the Hamptons and would hate to come home to brown, junky grass at his own house.

I think I feel an apron coming on, Bev!

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

yay kenny! great grass! I love your porch and swing and oh it looks so cozy. I loved that fabric..Ronna emailed it to me too..I should definitely get some...i like the cherry apron on it.

Ruth said...

I love your porch!!!!!! It looks so comfy and inviting. I would love to come and have tea with you. That fabric is so cute and another beautiful quilt. You are amazing.