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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quilts and homemade pasta on my day off!

Tonight I made homemade pasta with basil (dried from last year's garden) to go with shrimp scampi for dinner. This is the excess pasta that is drying so I can put it away in the pantry for another night.
Here is one shelf of thirties fabric at my local quilt shop. They have all the different colors, but I love green and thought you would too.

Here is where we sit on BOM Saturdays like today. I do two a day on the third Saturday of the month. One is an Amish quilt and the other one is a thirties quilt. The classes are generally packed!!

A view of the third room of the shop. This is where the thirties fabrics are for the most part. The longarm quilter is in the foreground.

Pasta drying on the Hoosier. My radio is on as I listen to A Prairie Home Companion now. Then the Celtic music show comes on, which we love!! There is a mini apron on top of the radio. I got it from a friend when we did an apron swap. She sent me a tiny one of the same thing she made for me to wear. I am usually tired and worn out on Saturday afternoons, and today was no exception. I guess that since I run around so much all week, on that first day off, I just sort of slow down naturally. It's almost nice though since it forces me to stay home and take it slow most of day (except for quilt shop time!!)


Carol............. said...

Pasta! I used to make it all the time when the kids were still at home much tastier than commercial stuff. Now sometimes I just make "spaetzle" a kind German pasta that's good for smaller batches (and faster!)

You ARE a busy girl!

BClark said...

Hello and nice to meet you. Your home looks so lovely, we have so far to go until ours approaches that degree of togetherness.

I love my goats. If someone had told me a couple of years ago I would have goats, I would have laughed. They like company so it is recommended that they have a friend. They are pretty mellow. If you get them young I believe that is best. My first two I used to walk around on leashes as I had no area fenced in. They eat all the weeds and brush, saves me so much time.

I will be back to view your blog again, looks like you have so much fun. Please do drop by and say hi also.


sandy quilts said...

Ok, applesauce, fresh eggs and now homemade pasta - where did I go wrong???!!! You forgot to take a pic of me at the quilt shop - lol. Don't you LOVE the fabric for the 30's block this month? The shop is really getting a lot of different 30's fabrics in - so glad. I have to buy some more light 30's also. Have a great week!

smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...