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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun at the house!!

Here is the other apron I made yesterday with the same pattern I used for the MJF swap. It looks like the main fabric is black and white, but it is really brown with green/orange/white flowers.
Here is my niece, April, wearing the apron my mom made for me. We were making cookies today.

Evelyn, April and Edyta (Eve's friend) in our new "pool!" We got it today because Evelyn had to have one to sit in at home. She won't swim in the river because a turtle might bite her! LOL

At first they were talking about how cold it would be.....and took a while to sit down.

Attempting to get in. Since Evelyn made me buy it, she was the first to get in, just to prove she would not complain about how cold it is. We did pour a lot of hot water in there from the house first. They sat out in it for a few hours, so I cannot complain!

1 comment:

cinnamongirl said...

That apron is great too!

Looks like they were having a good time in the pool.