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Monday, June 29, 2009

Patriotic apron swap at MJF

I am just finishing up a patriotic apron swap at MJF. My partner, Toni, made this cupcake pincushion to go with my apron. It's too cute!!
Here is the beautiful apron Toni made for me!! The work is fabulous and everything is just perfect!! I wore it tonight and love, love, love it!! Isn't it perfect for Fourth of July, which is coming up really quickly?

This is the fabric I used to make Toni's apron. It is vintage patriotic and very pretty. I knew the minute I saw it that I had to make hers with it.

The finished apron for Toni. I never made this style before, but had seen it online and in the fabric shops I haunt all the time. It was easy to make once I had the pieces ready to go together. I hope she likes it. I cut another one out as I was making hers, but with different fabrics. Tomorrow I will finish that one and show you. Oh, I made trivets to match the apron, which will go in the package tomorrow.
Hi mom!! Hope your trip home was easy and that tonight you have a nice, restful sleep. Oh yeah!! You should see the apron my momma made me before she came up last week!! That is tomorrow's news, so will wait to show it til then!!


Ruth said...

The apron you made is so cute. I love the pincushion.

Funny with the pool. We had one for the kids when they were little. It actually blew away down the street one day during a storm.


Sheryl-lyn said...

The fun part about the pool now is that all three girls are in college now and this is still fun for them!!