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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Russian stacking doll tea cozy is here!!

Jessica sent me this adorable tea cozy as part of a swap we did together at MJF!! It is so beautiful and goes with my little collection of these dolls!! I love it!!
It's a coincidence that I really love these dolls and have gotten a few over the years. The big one is from a Russian store I went to while I was in San Francisco about six years ago. There are at least 24 dolls inside the big one. The tiny one is only like the size of half of your pinky nail!! It takes a long time to open all of them though!

She is entirely hand painted, and the artist used gold in some of the details. It was just something I had to have when I saw it. Went to the store every day for a week before making the purchase, but I still love it and have great memories whenever I take her out. So, thank you, Jess, for such a great tea cozy to have next to her in the dining room!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Sheryl-lyn,

The tea cosy is adorable..Jess and Carmen make some really cute stuff!

Drop by for a visit! I hope you are enjoying some free time now. ;0)

Hugs, Steph

Bonne said...

The tea cozy was just perfect for you!! Jess has a knack with getting our collections right on the mark. hugs, B

Beverly said...

How cute is that!! That Jess sure is creative. Love your Russian doll...she is a beauty. Hope your summer is going great...we sure could use a little less rain, huh??

electricdunce said...

That tea cozy is so sweet, a nice companion to your other Russian ladies. What fun!


smoothiejuice's hectichousehold said...

oh i am so glad you got her. I am happy she has a good home. thanks for being a patient partner. Cheers!

Ruth said...

What a great tea cozy. The Russian doll is great.

monica said...

Sheryl-lyn, The teas cozy is really cute!