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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A blizzard comes our way, so I sit and sew

Today we are expecting a blizzard, so it was a good day to get errands out of the way earlier in the day and then cozy up by the woodstove and work on some projects that need to get finished before the holiday season is over. I have been working on this table runner for a few weeks. The insets are machine embroidered cross-stitch vintage Christmas cards. They took a long time to stitch out, but they are beautiful.
One of the blocks that I loved and had to make. The borders are from another Christmas quilt I am working on. I took a class and started it in October and I am almost done with it. I thought it would look nice to have some coordinating things in one room.

The middle block of the runner.

The top block. She is really pretty when you see all of the colors used. These designs are hard because you have to use so many gradations of the same color to give it a realistic look. Well, I should get a lot done this weekend since we are prepared for the snow and plan to stay in tomorrow too. The mall closed at 5 in preparation for the worst to come, so will amount to nothing!! I'll tell you tomorrow!

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Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Sheryl-lyn,

The machine embroidery is just beautiful....your use of all of the different threads is what makes it look so nostalgic...just lovely. :0)

I had snow and ice yesterday and it's still snowing now but is supposed to end tomorrow night...the worst of the storm just skimmed us in the Tennessee Smokies and headed full force for North Carolina, Virginia and everyone else up the east coast..hang on..they are saying this storm will be major!

Do drop by when you get a moment..
Hugs, Steph